Sacramento Kings On a Roll!

The City of Sacramento has been given a treat this holiday season, but not from the North Pole, this is coming from the heart of the city, with the excellent play of the Sacramento Kings.

Defying the odds, and exceeding expectations, the Sacramento Kings are having the best season they have had in years. Led by De’Arron Fox and Buddy Hield, the Kings are right in the hunt of the playoff race.

It is has been quit some time since Sacramento had a team it could get behind, and even longer since it was relatively unexpected. After years and years of disappointments, it suddenly is feeling the way it did decades ago when Jason Williams, Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac brought a thrill to the city.

It is not quit at that level yet, but if the Kings can keep this up, with the new arena Downtown, the city will be in for a great year and hopefully many a great years since the core of this Kings club is extremely young and talented.

Having the arena downtown has also made it easier for those who actually live in the city to get to the games, as opposed to the old location in an area that required a car to get to. Many in the downtown and midtown area can simply walk to the games, cutting down on traffic and the amount people driving under the influence after the games.

The downtown region in general is enjoying a resurgence in activity, with new restaurants and business consistently opening and the overall good vibes throughout the area continuing to flow. It is a great time to be in the city of Sacramento and a great time to be a Kings fan.

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