New projects in Downtown Sacramento

New projects in Downtown Sacramento



Downtown Sacramento is enjoying a dramatic uptick in development, rehabilitating and rejuvenating the downtown scene in one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most exciting cities – particularly out on the West Coast.


In just the last 10 years, for example, considerably more than $1 billion in both public and private investments were made for on the downtown region of Sacramento. This only represents the tip of the iceberg!


More and more money continues to flood into the center of this burgeoning Californian city, and the future for Sacramento has never looked as bright as it does today!


Here are just some of the most exciting projects that are already underway to rejuvenate the downtown of Sacramento.


Fort Sutter Hotel


This development is led by legendary restauranteur, entrepreneur, and real estate developer that has a number of establishments throughout Sacramento already – each and every one of them wildly successful, as this new hotel is expected to become as well.


Incorporating two different businesses that currently occupy the singular sight of the hotel that has been proposed, new construction is going to envelope those two businesses while helping them become a foundation of the structure that is to be built on top – redefining this part of the downtown neighborhood.


Sacramento Convention Center Expansion


Recognizing that the city of Sacramento was losing a considerable amount of conventions, business meetings, and organized “meet ups” to other cities in the region, the city’s leadership decided to overhaul the existing Convention Center with a brand-new expansion that will also bring the interior and exterior of the older structure into the 21st century.


This project is on track to be completed by 2020 and it is sure to be one of the crown jewels of the redevelopment of downtown Sacramento.


Memorial Auditorium Renovation


This project is just one short year away from successfully concluding, and it is the third part of a three-part renovation and modernization project that overhauled both the Community Center Theatre and the Convention Center already.


Nearly $16.2 million alone was leveraged and invested to produce a new auditorium with loading docks, dressing rooms, overhauled lighting and stage equipment, and a brand-new backstage that will make life for performers whole lot more comfortable.


QArt Lofts


This residential housing project is just now approaching the finish line, and the investors and developers behind this downtown Sacramento development anticipate it will open for business in late 2018. 51 new residences are going to be added to the downtown community once this development is fully populated, something that should have been right on day one as these units have already been spoken for since the project was first conceived of almost 2 short years ago


Railyards Mixed-Use


This project is one of the most ambitious in the downtown Sacramento development pipeline, encompassing a little bit north of 400,000 ft.² of development space that will be mixed use. The idea right now is to have residences, shopping and retail locations, art and museum installations, as well as bars, restaurants, and other amenities all under the same roof. No end date is insight for this project, but it is closer to becoming a reality today than ever before.


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