Newly elected Sacramento District Attorney Announces Speaker

Newly elected Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has announced the creation of aspeaker’s bureau,” which will allow members of the District Attorney office to speak at functions upon request. It is an attempt by the District Attorney’s office to meet and spend more time in the community. Apparently, over 135 staff members of the office have volunteered to participate in this program. The list of staff members include Ms. Shubert, her chief deputies, criminalist, investigators, deputy district attorneys and even paralegals.


Staff members are expected to speak at events for business organizations, faith based organizations, community groups, etc. The District Attorney’s office is asking for at least 4 week’s notice to speak at any events.

Ms. Shubert was elected District Attorney in 2014 with heavy support from law enforcement and former District Attorney Jan Scully. She began serving her term in January 2015. The speaker’s bureau is a part of the Community & Government Relations Unit, a unit also newly created by D.A Schubert. Ms. Shubert has made involvement in the community one of her main goals with her time in office. According to the District Attorneys website, the government relations unit “will take a proactive role in shaping laws that impact public safety.” She is currently also a sponsor of Assembly Bill 390 currently before lawmaker’s right down the street in California’s State Capitol.


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