California Assemblyman

Adrin Nazarian is putting forward a new bill in the California State Assembly that would add new regulations on drivers of Uber & Lyft, regulations that taxi cab drivers currently are required to abide by. These regulations include a Department of Justice criminal background check, drug testing and enrollment in a program through the California Department of Motor Vehicles that would automatically inform the two companies if the driver was arrested for a DUI.


Assemblyman Nazarian put forward a similar bill last year, but it never made it through the committee stage. Nazarian claims it was due to intense lobbying from companies involved in transportation. The crux of the issue is whether these drivers should be treated as taxi cab drivers or whether a lesser standard applies. Numerous lawmakers throughout the world have dealt with this issue. The concept that Uber & Lyft advocate is comparable to the Craigslist website advertising ride shares. No legislature is considering regulating Craigslist of such activities and uber/lyft are simply performing the same function. Lawmakers remain unconvinced, but Uber and Lyft have proved formidable adversaries with their billion dollar budgets and influence in Silicon Valley, which translates to influence in Washington D.C.


Studies have shown that the prevalence of Uber and Lyft has decreased the number of DUI arrests.  There appears to be no evidence that a driver of lyft or uber has ever been involved in a DUI arrest, according to an Oakland DUI Attorney, while providing rides, nor has there been any issue of accidents due to an amateur driver being under the influence of drugs. There have been reports of violence though, making the criminal background check the most logical need next step in regulations designed to keep the ride-sharing websites successful and safe for the general public.

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